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Intimate Hearts Waterproof Mattress Protector

$192.00 USD

When you need the sex blanket or a waterproof mattress pad for intimacy, Intimate Hearts are the best mattress protectors for intimacy! Shop this sensual mattress protectors proudly made in the USA. Sale! Hurry only one left! 

  • Protect your linen, mattress or fancy furniture from body fluids, oils, lubes 
  • Ordinary mattress products just protect your mattress while Intimate Hearts protect both linen and mattress.  Simply toss it over and experience the sensual effect and premium protection offered by these Intimate mattress protectors, mattress pads.
  • With an Intimate Heart you don't have to say a word when you want closeness and intimacy with your spouse or partner; an Intimate Heart says it all!
  • These intimate mattress protectors contain superior absorbency qualities for heavy squirting.
  • Fluids wont drip and Intimate Hearts are noiseless!
  • Made with premium minky fabric, this intimate mattress protectors are so soft and beautiful and at the same time crush resistant.
  • Intimate Hearts tend not to slip due to their special design
  • Each Intimate Heart is made of four layers providing comfort and total protection against moisture, body fluids, oils, lubes.
  • waterproof membrane is made with certified, medical grade, waterproof, breathable, hypoallergenic fibers. 
  • Wash and reuse!  use non chlorine bleach if needed, tumble dry medium.
  • Easy to fold and store. These intimate mattress protectors blend beautifully with your bedroom decor.
  • Size 57"W x 47L. Large enough for your wildest fantasies.
  • Color: beige
  • Brand:  Intimate Hearts Ignite passion